Let’s Create Space


KORY WASCHICK  ++ Owner / Designer ++ St. Louis

KORY WASCHICK ++ Owner / Designer ++ St. Louis


Environments we find ourselves in affect our mood, how we live & how we regenerate.

Let’s Create Space provides goal-oriented spaces — where I use coaching, organization and interior design to empower my clients. My passion is to help people create the space they need in their lives — and their environments — to be more productive, creative and content. I am dedicated to making their personal lives and businesses much more pleasing to be in.

Why I created this business

For 20+ years, I’ve been in the graphic arts — designing, branding, collaborating and creating. In early 2017, at a company retreat, I was encouraged by a personal coach to examine my heart and my life. I experienced an amazing epiphany, which became a catalyst to find something new and adventurous to embark on.

My course in life shifted — I found space for myself with unlimited possibilities and a need to share my still-very-present passion for art, design and interiors. To do this, I created Let’s Create Space. I also pursued coach training, which I’ve added to my skill set, giving me new ways to communicate with my clients and empowering them to find and design space for themselves as well.

What Brings Me Joy

My husband Andy, my 4 wonderful kitties, great conversation, good design, anything to do with color, beautiful weather and having the opportunity to be creative.

Let’s Work Together

I would love to have a conversation if you are thinking about a project you would like to collaborate on. I work as a consultant — so I can do as little or as much as you would like. Typically, we’ll briefly talk about your project details first and then schedule an in-person meeting. From there, we’ll identify goals, timeframe and budget. I work either on retainer (for bigger, longer projects) or for an overall project fee. My offerings are:

  • Project Management

  • Interior Design

  • Branding + Interior Design

  • Stylist

  • Colorist

  • Organizer

  • Coach

Just click my contact form to give me a little information beforehand. Looking forward to a future partnership!


PROJECTS I am currently working on:

The Normal Brand Retail Store
The Center for Plant-based Living by STLVegGirl Caryn Dugan
Once Films – Studio Space