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Words are powerful. There is so much love on this page.

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“Before I started my project I wasn’t sure that I could afford to hire an interior designer. I soon realized that Kory is much more than that and I couldn't afford NOT to hire her!

She kept my project running smoothly while I was working my full-time job. Kory was my middleman during construction and intercepted any problem or hiccup. She already researched potential solutions before I even knew there was an issue.

I was able to continue running my business and balance my family life smoothly because of Kory and that is priceless! My salon is more beautiful than I ever could have hoped for. She did an amazing job bringing my brand and vision to life and she was an absolute delight to work with. Hiring Kory was definitely one of the best investments I have made in my business.”

Emily Struckhoff / The Hair Lab


”I was looking for a special gift for my then fiancé, now husband, as a present for our wedding day. We have a small space in our basement that he had wanted to turn into a “Man Room,” but also utilize part of the room for storage. It was going to be a difficult task due to the size of the space and the fact that the room was divided by a large furnace unit and water heater.

Kory was the perfect person for the job. She was able to visualize the best way to use the most amount of square footage.

Kory is a color genius. She utilized art we had collected over the years to create the color scheme of the room, keeping the room personal. In the end, Kory created the perfect space for my husband to relax and have a beer with friends while organizing a section of the room for storage and tools.

Kory works hard to get to know her clients and is knowledgeable in her field and beyond.

She has become a good friend and I can’t wait to enlist her help again with future home renovation projects!”

Kelly Stoll / Webster Groves 


“Kory was integral with helping us weed through all the (seemingly) 1,000's of tiny details that went into the finishing of our beautiful new office space.

Her approach brings confidence, experience and calmness to the chaos of a renovation — plus, she’s just such a joy to be around.

In other words, if you’re considering it, just hire her already!”

Christopher Thiemet / Circa Properties 


“Kory has a unique combination of creativity and resourcefulness to deliver space that’s beautiful and functional. 

In the commercial real estate industry, it’s rare to find a designer who can manage a project so well from start to finish

Running point with the general contractor, she managed construction costs and delivered the space to my client on time and within budget.”

RYAN PENNINGTON / Savoy Properties


“Kory was a pleasure to work with and a central figure of the construction team. Her design plans were organized and detailed in conveying the client’s wishes. Kory was always ready to assist in any capacity of the project to ensure it was a success for all involved. Hope to work together again soon!”

Melanie Volk / HBD Construction


“I found The Hair Lab as they were transitioning into their new space that Kory was designing. To say that I am blessed to work in an incredibly beautiful space she designed is more than I could have ever envisioned for myself! She was so thoughtful about bringing to life a space where we can express our creativity, along with great function. Bravo Kory, bravo!! ”

Kaitlyn Skelton / The Hair Lab


”Kory has proven to blow our expectations out of the water! She’s extremely detail oriented and has created the perfect salon home for us and our guests.“

Nina Stebernak / The Hair Lab


“The Hair Lab is truly the most beautiful space I have ever worked in. Kory exceeded my expectations, and she really put together a space that exhibits beauty and simplicity. From the black wall our stations are set up at, to the lovely pink wall in the bathroom — it’s really a space that makes me happy to work in! Not only does she have a creative eye, she also is one of the nicest people to work with.” 

Kellee Jacques / The Hair Lab


“I can't say enough great things about Kory! She was absolutely amazing.

I was in the process of rehabbing my building for my business and I had no idea where to start with design and decor. Kory swooped in and helped me narrow down paint colors and gave me the best design ideas for the space. She provided excellent examples and sources for the entire design process from beginning to end. Kory has such an enthusiasm and genuine love for what she does. She was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her over and over again!”

Jen Maness / Circa Properties